Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies

1.0 Programme description

Development Studies is a programme under the Faculty of Socio-Economic Sciences. It is a professional programme, leading to an award of a Degree of Bachelors of Arts Development Studies of Cavendish University Uganda. This programme is tailored at enhancing its professional nature and equipping students with all-round skills and knowledge derived from its inter-disciplinary and political economy approaches.

These are necessary to understand, formulate, analyze and evaluate development policies and processes with a broader multi-dimensional approach. This unique non-reductionist approach makes Development Studies

2.0 Programme objectives

  • Imparting holistic approaches to the analysis and continuous evaluation of development processes and policy formulations.
  • Development personnel should be abreast with the human and non-human; economic and non-economic factors that shape development processes.
  • To produce professional development personnel who are focused with more specific knowledge of a major development sector for better performance.
  • To address development challenges in the changing global environment and at the domestic and micro levels.

3.0 Learning outcomes

By the end of the three years it is expected that the graduates of this course should be able to;

  • Apply the different development theoretical perspectives to their own individual situations, family, community as well the national development environment.
  • Appreciate the view that development is a gradual process that requires total patience and commitment in terms of time, human as well as the physical resources.
  • Acknowledge the view that development must be contextualized given the fact it takes place in different communities with quite different environments. The philosophy behind this approach is that there are no homogeneous communities hence the idea of homogeneous development should never arise.
  • Develop an understanding which views development as a multidimensional concept which considers a human being as a whole as opposed to the traditional understanding of development which views a human being as only an economic being.
  • Translate all the knowledge, skills and approaches obtained from this course into practical value hence the transformation of society politically, socially and economically.
  • Become positive agents of development who are able to influence national and international policies and programmes in a manner that promotes holistic and people centered development

4.0 Programme structure

year one

semester one
course code Module Name
DES111 Introduction to Development Studies
DES112 Introduction to Development Studies
DES113 Culture and Development
DES114 Foundations of International Development
DES115 Critical Thinking and Philosophy
BJC 100 Communication Skills
ENG 110 English
semester two
course code Module Name
DES121 Rural Sociology and Development
DES122 Development Planning in Uganda
DES123 Theories of Development
DES124 Population and Development
BDM 125 Critical Thinking and Philosophy
BJC 100 Development Economics
BIT 110 Introduction to Computer Skills
DES 125 Human Behaviour Growth and Development

year two

semester one
course code Module Name
DES 211 Gender and Development
DES 212 Political Economy and Development and Under development
DES 213 Project Planning and Management
DES 214 Ethics and Development Practice
DES 215 Alternative Development Strategies
BBA 115 Financial Management
semester two
course code Module Name
DES 221 Poverty and Development
DES 222 Decentralisation and Local Governance
DES 223 Environment and Sustainable Development
BBA 215 Human Resource Management
RSC 001 Research Methodology
DES 226 Internship

year three

semester one
course code Module Name
DES 311 Disaster and Risk Management
DES 312 Social Entrepreneurship development
DES 313 Conflict and Peace Studies
DES 314 Agrarian Reform & Rural Transformation Strategies
DES 315 Human Rights, Governance and Development
DES 316 Hunger and Food Security
semester two
course code Module Name
DES 321 Forced Migration and Refugee Studies
DES 322 Project Monitoring and Evaluation
DES 323 NGO and CSO Management Principles & Practices
DES 324 Civil Society Advocacy and Development
DES 325 Public –Private Partnership in Development
DES 316 Research Project