Free E-Journals

The World Health Organization(
A large number of e-resources on epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, ethics, occupational health, Primary Health Care, and more. Country reports and clinical resources are also featured on these pages.

Geneva Foundation (
The Geneva Foundation is an amazingly well organized directory of links organized by diseases and conditions mostly on gynecology and obstetrics. It also has an excellent link directory on free medical journals in all specialties.

ScienceDirect (
ScienceDirect is Elsevier's database of scientific, technical and health publications. The link provides access to all open access publications in Health and Medicine.

PLOS Medicine (
One of the open access medical journal with the highest impact factor.

BioMed Central (
BioMed Central is an STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher of 251 open access, online, peer-reviewed journals.

Dovepress (
Dovepress provides open access to peer-reviewed biomedical and scientific journals. (
Full text online resources on Epidemiology:

Free Medical Journals (
Free Medical Journals is dedicated to the promotion of free full-text access to medical journals over the Internet. It currently covers 430 journals in medicine and health sciences.

British Medical Journal (BMJ) (
BMJ Open is an online, open access journal, dedicated to publishing medical research from all disciplines and therapeutic areas. The journal publishes all research study types, from study protocols to phase I trials to meta-analyses, including small, specialist studies, and negative studies. Publishing procedures are built around fully open peer review and continuous publication, publishing research online as soon as the article is ready. BMJ Open aims to promote transparency in the publication process by publishing reviewer reports and previous versions of manuscripts as pre-publication histories. Authors are asked to pay article-publishing charges on acceptance; the ability to pay does not influence editorial decisions. All papers are included in PubMed and ISI Current Contents (Web of Science)

Malaria Foundation International (
Provides free access to publications on Malaria.

Circulation Online (
Sponsored by the American Heart Association. Circulation Online provides access to medical journals that relate to the treatment, and prevention for heart diseases.

Indian Journal of Pharmacology (
The Indian Journal of Pharmacology (ISSN 0253-7613) is an official organ of the Indian Pharmacological Society. The first issue of the journal came out in 1969 and it was published Bimonthly. In 1997 it became a bimonthly publication. IJP publishes original research articles, reviews, research letters and correspondences

AgeLine Database (
"AgeLine abstracts the literature of social gerontology as well as aging-related research from psychology, sociology, social work, economics, public policy, and the health sciences. It covers aging-related issues for professionals in aging services, health, business, law, and mental health. AgeLine also includes selected consumer content." AARP.

Ingenta Connect (
A table of contents database, and a keyword entry index to nearly 20,000 periodicals.

Internet Library of Early Journals (FULL TEXT) (
Digitized archive of three British 18th century journals and three 19th century British journals. Searchable by author and keywords in the title and full-text article.

UNESCO World Digital Library (
World Digital Library is hosted by UNESCO; visit the site and click on Africa for a wealth of information and resources about the continent

UNESCO library (
The UNESCO catalogue contains a huge number of relevant documents and publications in many subject areas.

SpringerOpen (
SpringerOpen scientific publishers offer a selection of good resources in health economics.

The National Academies Press (
Includes over 4,000 full-text e-resources on health sciences, public health, health care and quality, health management, and much more.

The Eldis Development Gateway (
An excellent resource for all aspects of development; a must-visit site.

Open J-gate (
Open J-gate is a useful resource for biomedical and social and management sciences.

World Bank (
Navigate to publications > documents > reports > browse by topic.

The University of Colorado's Peer Reviewed Journals (
The University of Colorado's Peer Reviewed Journals offers numerous journals in: business, computer science, ecology, economics, education, environmental science, gender, health management, human resources for health, media and communication, medicine, nutrition, political science, and sociology.

OnlineCollege-com (
OnlineCollege-com hosts 100 journals for educators; check out the Higher and Online Education category.

Academic Journals (
Hos Academic Journals offers open access academic journals in the medical, social, biological, and agricultural sciences. .

The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) The OKR contains thousands of research works including:

  • World Bank Group Annual Reports and Independent Evaluation Studies;
  • Books published by the World Bank Group including flagship publications, academic books and practitioner volumes;
  • All World Development Reports (WDRs) plus recent WDR background papers;
  • Journal articles published in World Bank Economic Review (WBER) and World Bank Research Observer (WBRO), two journals published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the World Bank;
  • Accepted manuscripts of Bank-authored journal articles from selected external publishers (after an embargo period if applicable);
  • Metadata and links to Bank-authored external journal articles;
  • Serial publications (typically data-intensive outlook reports);
  • Policy Research Working Papers (PRWP) - a series of papers that disseminate findings of work in progress in order to encourage the exchange of ideas about development issues;
  • Selected other papers of high research quality;
  • Economic and Sector Work (ESW) studies—a series of analytical reports prepared by Bank staff. ESWs gather and evaluate information about a country's economy and/or a specific sector;
  • Knowledge Notes, providing short briefs that capture lessons of experience from Bank operations and research;
  • The latest Country Opinion Surveys done in client countries for feedback on World Bank Group activities.
  • Selected translated titles.

The World Bank's Open Data Initiative ( is providing free access to its comprehensive set of data on living standards around the globe - some 2,000 indicators, including hundreds that go back 50 years. Databases include: World Development Indicators (WDI), Global Development Finance (GDF) and African Development Indicators (ADI).

Undata ( provides free data access to UN statistical databases through a single entry point. Users can search and download a variety of statistical resources of the UN system. Useful features include Country Profiles, Advanced Search and Glossaries. The numerous databases, tables and glossaries containing over 60 million data points cover a wide range of themes including Agriculture, Crime, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Health, HIV/AIDS, Human Development, Industry, Information and Communication Technology, National Accounts, Population, Refugees, Tourism, Trade, as well as the Millennium Development Goals indicators.

Google Scholar (
Bibliographic citations for scholarly journals.

PubMed Central (
PubMed Central is a free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. The full text of all PubMed Central articles is available for free.

Harvard University's Digital Access to Scholarship (
A good site for arts and social sciences, education, medicine, and public health.

The WWW Virtual Library (
From the University of New South Wales in Australia. A portal to a vast amount of resources on public health in Africa. A good site for specific resources on communicable diseases, human resources for health, health services management, emergency health management, business, economics, and international affairs. The site also covers law, religion, engineering, social sciences, business, politics, economics, development studies, and sustainable development.

Highwire Press ( topic)
Hosted by Stanford University, contains articles from a vast range of journals. Many recent articles are free while others are available after 12 months. Journals on epidemiology, health education, health policy and planning, health promotion, physiology, research, computer science, medicine, agriculture, ecology, political science, and economics.

Eserver (
Hosted by Iowa State University and contains over 35,000 resources in the humanities.

Academic Journals (
This covers the following subject areas:- Medical Sciences (including, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Education, Legal Studies and Other Journals.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (
DOAJ covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals. They cover all subjects and languages. There are over 6000 free, full-text available journals in the directory.

The University of Sussex - International Development Studies (
An excellent resource for all aspects of international development and public health (not all are free to download, but many are).

African Studies (
C Hosted by Columbia University Libraries is a collection of internet resources on Africa; the site also hosts a comprehensive portal for United Nations Agencies on Africa, a useful collection of official documentation on institutional development.

London School of Economics - Centre for International Development (
The Centre for International Development at the London School of Economics hosts an excellent selection of working papers on development.

Stanford University - Centre for International Development (
Stanford University's Centre for International Development is a good resource for development and health working papers from 1997 – 2011.

Harvard University - Centre for International Development
( The Centre for International Development at Harvard University hosts a good selection of Working Papers to read online or download.

Bioline International (
An excellent resource for all aspects of international development and public health (not all are free to download, but many are).

Bioline International (
Bioline International is a good site for articles on public health and international development.

World Wide School (
World Wide School contains over 2,000 online texts organized by author, subject, and title.

Merck Manuals Online (
Merck Manuals Online is a medical library with numerous resources for the health practitioner.

University of California Press (;rights=Publ…)
Browse e-books by subject: environment, gender, healthcare, ethics, ecology.

PubMed Central (
PubMed Central is a digital archive from the US National Library of Medicine and hosts over 25,000 titles in biomedical and life sciences including environment and public health.

PubMed Entrez (
This is a service of the National Library of Medicine. It has over 14 million citations for biomedical articles. Citations are taken from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. It also includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources.

Sage Reference Online ( Provides access to 20 reference sources mainly encyclopedias covering education, African religion, counseling, sociology, healthcare, and research methods.

Reproductive Health Gateway (
Provides access to 85 top Web sites related to reproductive health.

The Open Access Digital Library (
The Open Access Digital Library delivered by Gold Rush Electronic Resource Management System offers 4,000 full-text books and journals in various subjects; type a browse term and read.

Wiley Online Library (
Wiley Online Library covers health and physical sciences, social science, food science, economics, earth and environment, and humanities.

British Library for Development Studies (
British Library for Development Studies, hosted by the university of Sussex at is an excellent resource for full-text books and journal articles on health, governance, environment, globalization, public health, women's studies, public policy, micro-finance, and much more.

International Monetary Fund Publications (
International Monetary Fund Publications hosts numerous useful publications on institutional development.

UNESCO Social Sciences Publications Online (
UNESCO Social Sciences Publications Online is a must-visit site for students of international development.

The Internet Archive (
The Internet Archive is a general million books project; navigate to texts and browse by subject.

The Oxford Text Archive (
The Oxford Text Archive contains many general works, mostly classics, for your free time; many are no longer copyrighted but some have restricted access.

OER Commons (
Open Education Resources at OER Commons is a vast resource which also hosts open access textbooks in the humanities and social sciences.

The Commonwealth of Learning (
The Commonwealth of Learning is a vast learning resource which also hosts open access textbooks in the humanities and social sciences.

World Digital Library (
World Digital Library makes it possible to discover, study, and enjoy cultural treasures from around the world on one site, in a variety of ways. These cultural treasures include manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, prints, photographs, and architectural drawings.

OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) (
is a collaborative initiative to develop and implement a sustainable Open Access publication model for academic books in the humanities and social sciences.

International Documentation Network of the Great African Lakes Region (
International Documentation Network of the Great African Lakes Region is an archive of local and international documents from the early 1990s to the present; search in English.

Africa Portal (
A key feature to the Africa Portal is the online library collection holding over 4,000 books, journals, and digital documents related to African policy issues. The entire online repository is open access and available for free full-text download. A portion of the digital documents housed in the library have been digitized for the first time as an undertaking of the Africa Portal project. Facilitating new digitization projects is a core feature of the Africa Portal, which aims to improve access and visibility for African policy research.

Academic Journals (
Academic Journals is a useful site for medical, biological, and social sciences. .

The International Development Research Centre (
The International Development Research Centre in Canada is an excellent resource which provides full-text books (download the PDF, read the e-book, or buy it) on all aspects of development: gender, economics, governance, politics, democracy, global health, environment and health, health systems research, population and health; browse by theme. .

UNDP's Africa Online Publications (
The UNDP's Africa Online Publications contains relevant up-to-date information on the MDGs, poverty reduction, the environment, and crisis prevention.

UNHCR's website has extensive resources especially on human rights and development.

The Institute for International and Development Economics (www.i4ide/content/wpapers.html)
The Institute for International and Development Economics is a good resource for international trade and economics.

Society for International Development Forum (
Extensive reading materials on international development available to download as PDF.

Centre for Global Development (
Extensive reading materials on international development available to download as PDF.

The UK's Department for International Development (
Literature on official institutional development.

Literature on official institutional development.

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (
Literature on official institutional development.

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (
Literature on official institutional development.

UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development (
The UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development hosts relevant literature to read online or download.

UNICEF's Innocenti Research Centre (
UNICEF's Innocenti Research Centre is a good resource for development issues concerning children.

UNESCO Cultural Resources (
Needs description.

Edinburgh University Press ( Subject&PubType…=&)
Edinburgh University Press hosts the Journal of International Political Theory and other journals of interest for international development studies students.

Web Centre for Social Research Methods (
Web Centre for Social Research Methods is an excellent resource site for all aspects of research methodology.

Digital Commons (
Digital Commons offers a substantial range of Open Access books in the following categories: business, education, medicine and health sciences, environmental science, communication, economics, public affairs, policy and administration, and sociology.

The United Nations Population Fund (
The United Nations Population Fund should be visited by all students of demography and population studies.

International Planned Parenthood Federation < (
The International Planned Parenthood Federation should be visited by all students of demography and population studies.

Hindawi Publishing (
Hindawi Publishing offers a vast number of Open Access journals in the sciences.

MDPI Open Access Journals (
MDPI Open Access journals hosts titles in science, mathematics, medicine, and the social sciences.

The Economics E-Journal (
The Economics E-Journal is a must-visit site for all students of economics and political science.

Online Newspapers (
Online Newspapers keeps you up-to-date with what is happening all around the world.

Popline (
Popline operates under the policy Knowledge for Health; browse gender, population, environment, domestic violence, public health and much more.

Internet Public Library (
Internet Public Library contains over 20,000 online resources; browse the various categories (social sciences, health, arts and humanities) for lists of useful resources.

INTECH is an open access science publisher; check the categories earth sciences, biological sciences, and medicine.

African Digital Library (
Students can also register free with the African Digital Library

Ingenta (
A global research gateway providing a free online search service of published content from reliable research sources. It offers access to nearly 6,000 electronic full-text titles and millions of articles from the world's leading scholarly and professional publications.

International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE) (
The objective of the journal is to publish and discuss fundamentals, applications and experiences in the field of remote engineering, virtual instrumentation and online simulations. The use of virtual and remote controlled devices and remote laboratories is one of the future trend developments for advanced teleworking/e-working environments. Online Engineering is the future trend in engineering and science. It covers working directions such as remote engineering, virtual instrumentation, simulation techniques and others. iJOE is an Open Access Journal. Readers don't have to pay any fee. Only registration is necessary.

Journal of Vector Borne Diseases (
National Institute of Malaria Research on behalf of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) publishes the Journal of Vector Borne Diseases. This Journal was earlier published as the Indian Journal of Malariology, a peer reviewed and open access biomedical journal in the field of vector borne diseases. The Journal publishes review articles, original research articles, short research communications, case reports of prime importance, letters to the editor in the field of vector borne diseases and their control. The Journal is published quarterly in the months of March, June, September and December in each calendar year. All correspondences regarding submission of manuscripts, subscription, etc. should be addressed to the Editor, Journal of Vector Borne Diseases, National Institute of Malaria Research (ICMR), Sector 8, Dwarka, New Delhi–110077 The Journal of Vector Borne Diseases is indexed by PubMed, Science Citation Index Expanded, Biosis Previews, Biological Abstracts, Zoological Records, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Current R & D Highlights, Industry Highlights, EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, Indian Science Abstracts, Protozoological Abstracts, Quarterly Bibliography of Major Tropical Diseases, etc. Impact Factor (2014-15): 0.81

NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS) (
Allows users to search the many different abstract and technical report servers maintained by various NASA centers and programs. Specifically, it is a unified interface to many separate WAIS servers.

Oxford Open (
Launched in 2004, Oxford Open provides authors with open access options across 250 of our journals, spanning every subject area.

Online Newspapers (
Online Newspapers keeps you up-to-date with what is happening all around the world.

Practical Academic Librarianship (
Peer-reviewed journal for librarians serving academic departments or affiliated institutions including centers, institutes, specialized collections, & special units within or related to academic units

South African Journal of Information Management (
The South African Journal of Information Management explores the latest developments and trends in information and knowledge management to offer research that can be used to further the application of sound information and knowledge management practices.

SpringerOpen (
SpringerOpen gives you the opportunity to download open access journals in all areas of science. It makes it easier than ever for you to widen your readership, comply with open access mandates, retain copyright, and benefit from Springer's trusted brand.

The Digital Commons Network (
The Digital Commons Network brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide. Curated by university librarians and their supporting institutions, the Network includes a growing collection of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, working papers, conference proceedings, and other original scholarly work.

United Nations Treaty Collection (
This is the United Nations Treaty Collection homepage. Here you will find related information and links. It offers a comprehensive database of international treaties and related information.

UNESCO Documents & Publications (
UNESCO Documents & Publications is a clearinghouse for the dissemination and sharing of information and knowledge. It helps member states to build their human and institutional capacities in diverse fields.

PubMED Central (FULL TEXT) (
The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.