Information Literacy

Library Trainings

These trainings are carried in support of efficient and effective utilization of the library information resources. The trainings are conducted during the orientation week but because few people attend, mid-semester trainings also termed as Continuous Information Literacy Trainings for individual classes will be carried out for the enhancement of learning and research.

Regulations for the Information Literacy trainings

  • All staff and students are required to attend the literacy trainings organized by the library department.
  • These trainings are geared towards imparting ideal skills for access, retrieval and use of library resources and for learning and quality research.

Regulations for the Information Literacy trainings

  • User guides are developed, designed and disseminated to the library users via e-mail and the library intranet.
  • Prior arrangement for a training session between the lecturer/class representative and the library personnel in charge has to be done.
  • The training sessions are interactive with hands on kind of tutoring.
  • Registration of all participants of the training is done for proof that trainings were actually carried out.
  • On- line surveys will be carried out every semester for evaluation and assessment of these trainings.
  • Reports are to be written indicating whether or not the users gained the necessary skills intended for them.
  • The mode of presentation for these trainings is;
    1. Use of PowerPoint presentations
    2. Hands-on tutoring
    3. One- on- one tutoring

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