Application process (admission requirements & materials)

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Admission Requirements

Admission Overview

Policy Statement

Admissions to Cavendish University Uganda shall be open to all qualified national and international persons without discrimination. A student is admitted into an academic program when he/she meets the entry requirements into that program and level. Admissions into Cavendish University Uganda shall be conducted under the guidance of the National Council for Higher Education and with the approval of the Senate.


To streamline the admission of candidates who apply for admission into the various programs of the University.


The policy applies to all admissions to Cavendish University Uganda.

Responsible Party

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs)

Bachelor's Degree Programme

The minimum entry requirements for admission to a Bachelor`s degree programme are:

  • Direct entry
    (a) At least five (5) passes at the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent
    (b) At least two (2) principal passes at the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.

    Conditional admission will be verified after getting the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Results print – out.
    Within the framework of the general direct entry requirements, there may be Special Faculty Requirements which a candidate must fulfill to gain admission to a programme in a specific Faculty.

  • Mature Age Entry
    (a) A candidate must be at least 25 years of age
    (b) The candidate must have passed Mature Age Entry Examinations with 50% mark or above
    (c) The Mature Age Entry Examinations must have been taken at a Centre approved by the NCHE
    (d)No candidate who had previously attended a programme at Cavendish University Uganda shall be readmitted to the University under this scheme to a programme of study in which he/she failed to qualify during his/her previous attendance.
  • A Diploma Holder`s Avenue
    A candidate must have obtained at least a second class/credit diploma or the equivalent performance which is relevant to his/her desired field of study from a recognized institution.
  • Higher Education Certificate
    A candidate who holds a Foundation Programme Certificate from a recognized institution is eligible for admission.
  • A Degree Holder`s Avenue
    a) A candidate must have a degree in an accredited programme from a recognized institution.
    b)The candidate shall be considered for admission to a field relevant/related to his/her degree.
    c) The candidate must have met the minimum requirements for admission to the degree programme he/she has completed.
  • An International Applicant:

    6.1 Must have a qualification that is recognized for University entry in his/her home country or country where he/she has studied. The applicant will be offered a provisional admission for one semester pending equating of his/her qualification.

    The University may consider for admission to a degree programme a candidate who has successfully completed a 12 – year - system of education provided that such a candidate has been registered at another University, prior to applying to Cavendish University Uganda, for a degree programme and has successfully completed at least one year of University education. Such a candidate must, however, submit the University academic transcript from that other University.

    6.2 A holder of a 12- year-system of education Certificate:

    A holder of this Certificate such as the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education or the equivalent is required to successfully complete a Foundation Year before enrolling for the Bachelor`s degree programme.
  • Special Entry:
    Applications submitted by candidates who do not meet the traditional entry criteria can only be considered after consultations with the NCHE for guidance and with the approval of the Senate.
  • Admission to Other than the First Year
    Admission to the second or third or any other year requires the special consideration and permission of the relevant Faculty Board and the Senate in accordance with the University policies on Exemption and Credit Accumulation and Transfer.

Ordinary Diploma Programme

The minimum entry requirements for admission to an ordinary diploma programme are:

  • A candidate must have obtained:
    a) At least five (5) passes at the Uganda Certificate of Education or its equivalent at the same sitting;
    b)At least one (1) principal pass and two (2) subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.
  • A candidate must have obtained a Second Class Certificate at the Foundation Programme.

Ordinary Certificate Programme

The minimum entry requirement for admission to an ordinary certificate programme is a Uganda Certificate of Education with at least five (3) passes obtained at the same sitting.

Master's Degree

An applicant for a Master`s degree normally has obtained at least a second class lower division degree or its equivalent from a recognized university. An applicant with a third class (pass) degree must satisfy the relevant department and the Board of Postgraduate Studies that he/she has acquired academic and professional growth as determined by the Board of the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research.

English Proficiency

Candidates from countries where the language of instruction is not English are required to provide evidence of proficiency in english.

International applicants currently resident in the country are advised to take English Proficiency Tests at approved centers such as the Institute of Languages at Makerere University, the British Council, etc.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Scores are accepted as evidence of english proficiency.

Higher Education Certificate

The general requirements are;

  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education with at least two subsidiary passes or its equivalent. At least one of the subsidiary pass shall be from a principal subject. For avoidance of doubt, a holder of UACE with only one principal pass shall be deemed to meet the admission requirements.
  • Vocational Qualifications at level 2 or 3 of the Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework or its equivalent.
  • Qualifications equivalent to Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) as shall be determined by the National Council in consultation with the Uganda National Examinations Board.
  • An ordinary certificate from an institution recognized by NCHE.
  • Students whose foreign secondary school qualifications are not considered equivalent to UACE but permit admission into Higher Education in the foreign country. Such students shall have passed at least five subjects with a minimum overall grade of C (equivalently a Ugandan grade 5). In addition, foreign students whose studies were not conducted in English shall show proof of proficiency in the English Language. The English proficiency centers shall be accredited by NCHE.