About the Conference

Uganda Vice Chancellors' Forum in collaboration with Cavendish University Uganda, is organizing an Online Education Conference on Thursday, 05th August 2021.

Theme: Securing the New Normal: Protecting Higher Education Institutions During and After the Covid-19 Pandemic

The topics that will be discussed include the following:

  • Failures and Lessons Learned for a Post Covid-19 Higher Education Sector;
  • Integrating Covid-19 SOPs into Higher Education Culture and Planning;
  • Administrative and Legal perspectives of Enforcing SOPs in Higher Education Institutions;
  • Teaching Strategies that Engage All Learners Online;
  • Technology-enabled Open Book Examinations, among others.

This Conference will start at 9:30 AM and end at 1:30 PM.

The Conference will be officiated by Prof. Mary Okwakol, Executive Director of the NCHE and Prof. Olubayi Olubayi, the Chief Academic Officer of Maarifa Education Holding - the Sponsors of Cavendish University Uganda.

In due course, a flyer will be circulated showing the guidelines for login. Together, we can keep higher education institutions working despite the Covid-19 pandemic. For planning purposes, please inform us of your participation by sending an email to Ms Sandra Nabagereka at copied to Ms. Suzanne Kwesiga at

About Uganda Vice Chancellors' Forum

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Conference Presenters


Prof. Mary Okwakol- Executive Director, National Council for Higher Education

Prof. Mary Okwakol is the Executive Director of the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). She is a Ugandan university professor, academic administrator, zoologist and community leader. She is also the current Chairperson of the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB).

At the formation of Gulu University in 2004, Prof. Okwakol was appointed the Deputy Vice Chancellor, serving in that capacity until her appointment as Vice Chancellor of Busitema University in 2006. In 2019, Prof. Mary Okwakol was appointed the Executive Director of National Council of Higher Education (NCHE), a position she holds up to date.

She holds a degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Zoology, a Master of Science (MSc), in Zoology, and a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Zoology all obtained from Makerere University. Professor Okwakol is a member of the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE).

Prof. Olubayi Olubayi- Chief Academic Officer- Maarifa Education Holding

Prof. Olubayi Olubayi is the Chief Academic Officer at Maarifa Education Holding and the Chairman University Council of Cavendish University Uganda. Prior to joining Maarifa Education Holding, he was the Vice Chancellor/President of the International University of East Africa (IUEA) in Uganda. He is a scientist and an expert on bacteria, education, learning, leadership and social-entrepreneurship. As a scientist and eclectic scholar, Prof. Olubayi earned his Ph.D. on bacteria-and- plant cell interactions at Rutgers University, holds a research patent on the flocculation of bacteria and has published several scholarly articles in microbiology, biotechnology and social science.

As an educator he taught at Middlesex College and at Rutgers University for 16 years, and has taught critical thinking in the IUEA MBA program. He has been an advisor and consultant to government officials in Kenya and South Africa, and UNDP on matters of literacy, education, biotechnology, sustainable development and global citizenship. He is an external advisor to PhD students in the Oxford University-Kemri/Wellcome Trust Research Program in Kilifi, Kenya.

As a social entrepreneur, Prof. Olubayi co-founded the non-profit Kiwimbi International and the widely respected American non-profit Global Literacy Project which sets up libraries worldwide and provides global service learning opportunities. As a thinker, he is the author of the book “Education for a Better World.

Prof. Paul Mugambi- Executive Director, Uganda Vice Chancellors' Forum

Prof. Paul Mugambi, is the Executive Director of the Uganda Vice Chancellors' Forum, a Trustee of the African Gifted Foundation, Former President of the Uganda National Academy of Sciences and a former Vice Chancellor of Nkumba University, Entebbe, Uganda.

Prof. Mugambi was a highly respected Professor of the Department of Mathematics (first Maths professor in East, Central Africa) at Makerere University for more many years and is widely regarded as the “grandfather” of mathematics in Uganda. A lover of music, Professor Mugambi was previously a Board Member of the Kampala Music School and is currently President of the Kampala Singers, a strong choral society.

He holds a BSc, MSc and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Rochester (USA).

Prof. John F. Mugisha- Vice Chancellor, Cavendish University Uganda

Prof. John Francis Mugisha is the Vice Chancellor of Cavendish University Uganda, and an internationally recognized scholar in Health Planning and Management. He previously served as the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs of Cavendish University Uganda and before that, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Uganda Martyrs University.

Prof. Mugisha is a member of the National Council for Higher Education, where he represents Private Universities in Uganda, a recipient of fellowship award of the Africa Institute of Public Health Professionals, a member of the Uganda National Immunisation Technical Advisory Group (UNITAG), and the current Vice Chairman of Uganda Vice Chancellors’ Forum.

An author of several scholarly articles in various peer-reviewed journals, Prof. Mugisha holds a PhD in Health Planning and Management from Keele University (UK), an MSc. Health Services Management from Uganda Martyrs University and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from Makerere University.

Prof George Ladaah Openjuru- Vice Chancellor, Gulu University

Prof George Ladaah Openjuru is the Vice Chancellor, Gulu University (GU) and Chairperson, Uganda Vice Chancellors’ Forum (UVCF). He does research in Higher Education, Educational theory and Adult Education. His current project is 'knowledge for change, lifelong learning, youth and work' transforming education for social change in east Africa.

Professor Openjuru was previously the Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Academic Affairs of Gulu University; and formerly Associate Professor and Dean School of Distance and Lifelong Learning at College of Education and & External Studies, Makerere University.

He is a recipient of the Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquee (AILA) International Association of Applied Linguistics Solidarity Award and so Participated in the 13th Congress of AILA held at the University of Wisconsin Madison from 24th to 29th July 2005.

He holds a PhD in Adult Education (University of KwaZulu-Natal), M.Ed. Adult Education (University of Natal) and M.Ed. Curriculum Studies in History Education (Makerere University).

Dr. Daniel Ruhweza- President Emeritus of the Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity

Dr. Daniel R. Ruhweza is a Ugandan and UK trained Attorney and Lecturer at Law. He is the President Emeritus and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity (UCLF). He is a Lecturer-at-Law and Ag. Head of Department of Law and Jurisprudence, School of Law, Makerere University, and an Advocate, Courts of Judicature Uganda.

He has previously served as a Senior Consultant for the Citizen's Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, and other reputable Institutions. He served as the Chair of the Committee of Rule of Law and Strategic Litigation of the Uganda Law Society and is currently representing the Uganda Law Society on the Committee on Legal Education and Training of the Uganda Law Council. Additionally, he is a member of the East African Law Society Committee on the Rule of Law.

Dr. Daniel Ruhweza holds a PhD in International Criminal Law and Transitional justice, University of Kent, Master of Laws; International Commercial Law, University of Cambridge, and a Bachelor of Laws, Makerere University.

Prof. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo- Vice Chancellor of Kampala International University

Prof. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo is the Vice Chancellor of Kampala International University (KIU). He is a Ugandan agriculturalist, with extensive training in higher education and management.

Prof. Mpezamihigo obtained his Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Master of Science in Agriculture, both from Makerere University. He holds a Ph.D. in Horticulture and Landscape from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.

Prof. Mpezamihigo is a chairperson of Kampala International University in Tanzania, the Chairman of the Virus Outbreak Data Network (VODAN) – Africa, Co-president of Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation (NUFFIC), and the Uganda Country Representative and Executive Council Member to ICESCO (Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

In 2015, Mpezamihigo received the Education Leadership Award under the World Education Congress Global Awards in Mumbai, India. He has also received a recognition award from the Uganda National Council of Education (NCHE) for serving during the period 2007–2017.

Dr. Olive Sabiiti- Deputy Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs, Cavendish University Uganda

Dr. Olive Sabiiti is the Deputy Vice Chancellor- Academic Affairs, Cavendish University Uganda. She is an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda, a Senior Lecturer, Scholar & Practitioner of Law, Commonwealth scholar and British Chevening scholar.

Prior to that, Dr. Sabiiti has served as the Dean, Faculty of Law, Cavendish University Uganda, Lecturer of Law at the University of Manchester, Makerere University, Uganda Christian University, Mukono, and Uganda Management Institute (UMI), Speaker of Mpigi District Council, Chair of the Association of all District Council Speakers in the Country, and Chair of the Conflict Resolution Committee of the Uganda Local Governments Association (ULGA).

Olive is an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda, Member of the Uganda Law Society, East Africa Law Society, and the Society for Institutional and Organisational Economics, and represents Cavendish University Uganda at the International Association of Law Schools.

Dr. Olive Sabiiti holds a PhD degree in Law, University of Manchester, UK, LLM (Master of Laws in International Business Law), University of Manchester, UK, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Law Development Centre, Uganda and a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) with Honours from Makerere University.

Prof. JWF. Mwanga-Zake- Vice Chancellor, Uganda Management and Technology University

Prof. Muwanga Zake is the Vice Chancellor of Uganda Management and Technology University (UTAMU). He previously served as the Deputy Vice Chancellor, UTAMU, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Cavendish University Uganda. He is a Learning Technologist, Scientist and Educator with experiences in Uganda, Lesotho, South Africa, USA, Australia, and UK. Prof. Muwanga has written academic articles in Science, Science Education, Research and Learning Technology.

Prof Muwanga-Zake holds a PhD (Digital Media in Education, Natal), P.G.C.E. (NUL); P.G.D.E (ICT in Ed.) (Rhodes University), B.Ed., M.Sc., M.Ed. (Rhodes University), (B.Sc. (Hons) (Makerere University), Graduate Certificate in Higher Education at the University of New England, Australia.

Mr. Oscar Correia- Deputy Vice Chancellor, Cavendish University Zambia

Mr. Oscar Correia is the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Cavendish University Zambia and the Director of Technology at Maarifa Education Holding. Oscar has more than 20 years' experience in Information Technology spanning various sectors including education, telecommunications, mobile financial services, IT outsourcing and product management. His last assignment was leading one of the largest mobile money managed services as Vice President, Financial Services at MahindraComviva. Prior to that he spent 10 years at Airtel Africa working in Kenya where he played various roles from IT Director to Head of Products.

Oscar holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nairobi, a Post Graduate Diploma in Telecommunications from Ashton University and an MBA from Warwick Business School. He also holds certifications in CISM, ITIL and Cisco as well as PRINCE2 certification.

Session Chairs


Mr. David Mutabanura- Executive Director, Cavendish University Uganda

Mr. David Mutabanura is the Executive Director of Cavendish University Uganda, in which role he leads and directs the operational, financial and administrative functions of the university. Before joining Cavendish University Uganda, Mr. Mutabanura was the Chief Executive Officer of Farmers Creameries Ltd, a co-operatively owned green field dairy processing plant project. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Nilecom Ltd, a large distributor for MTN Uganda.

Mr. Mutabanura has over 18 years’ commercial experience obtained in the sectors of Oil & Gas (Downstream Marketing), Telecommunications and Food, including retail and B2B operations with well-regarded brands e.g. Shell, MTN, Chr Hansen and Danisco.

He has consulted for a number of institutions in Uganda and lectured (part-time) at 2 universities in Uganda in the fields of engineering, science and technology.

He currently serves on the boards of institutions in the education, healthcare, food and telecommunications sectors. Previously, he also served on a number of committees in Uganda charged with food industry regulation and development. Since 2019, Mr. Mutabanura is a member of The Africa List, a community of leaders responsible for Africa’s next decade of growth.

Mr. Mutabanura holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the ESAMI Business School, an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK and a BSc in Food Science and Technology from Makerere University.

Prof Christine Dranzoa- Vice Chancellor, Muni University

Prof. Christine Dranzoa is the founding Vice Chancellor of Muni University. She is a wildlife scientist, conservationist, administrator, ardent educationist and social entrepreneur by practice.

Prof. Dranzoa holds a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Zoology, a Master of Science (MSc), in Zoology, and a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biology, all obtained from Makerere University. She has a diploma in Modern Management and Administration of Cambridge College and several certificates in professional areas including biodiversity conservation and others from various universities.

Prof. Christine Dranzoa founded the Wildlife department and served as Deputy Director, School of Graduate Studies at Makerere University. She initiated and started the Wildlife Management course in the Faculty of Veterinary medicine at the same university.

Prof. Dranzoa serves as the Honorary Secretary, Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE); Research Fellow, University of Manitoba, Canada; Government of Uganda appointee to the Senate of Busitema University; Country Director, CIDA Funded Rural Livelihoods Project (2007-2012); Chairperson Board of Directors and Founder, Nile Women’s Initiative, Uganda; Member of International Women’s Leadership Forum (IWF), New York; Scientific Committee Member of International Ornithological Congress; Vice Chairperson, Nature Uganda (A branch of East Africa Natural History Society), among other memberships. She has authored and co-published numerous publications in peer referred journals, book chapters and books. She has obtained several scientific research and development grants.

Prof. Joy Kwesiga- Vice chancellor, Kabale University

Professor Joy Constance Kwesiga is an experienced academician, University Administrator, Social Development Analyst and a renowned Gender and Women advocate. She has had an enviable privilege of combining academic work with women’s rights activist work. She has been a Professor of Gender Studies and the Vice-Chancellor of Kabale University since November 2005 to date. She oversaw the transformation of Kabale University from a private Community University to a Public University and effectively steered it to attain a University Charter in 2014.

Previously, Professor Kwesiga served as the founding Head of the Department of Women and Gender Studies at Makerere University. She then became the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Makerere University. Prof. Kwesiga also was the founding Head of the Gender Mainstreaming Programme at Makerere University where she later became the First Deputy Academic Registrar in the Gender Mainstreaming Division of the Academic Registrar’s Department at Makerere University.

Joy Kwesiga was a founder member of Action for Development (ACFODE) – a national women’s rights organization which redirected the Women’s Movement in Uganda during the 1980s and 1990s. She co-founded a national women rights body (Action for Development) and actively promoted gender equity in education through organisations such as Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), Uganda Association of University Women, and African Women in Research and Development (AAWORD). She is s also a founding member of KOMAZA (2006) – a Civil Society Organisation with headquarters in Kabale, with the goal of empowering communities, especially girls and women, and other disadvantaged members of society.

Prof. Kwesiga holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography (University of East Africa); a Postgraduate diploma in Public Administration (Institute of Public Administration-IPA Uganda, now Uganda Management Institute), a Master’s degree in Higher and Further Education and a Doctor of Philosophy degree, both obtained from the University of London.

Overall Coordinator


Mr. Fredrick Mufta- Director, Sales & Marketing, Cavendish University Uganda

Mr. Fredrick Mufta is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Cavendish University Uganda. He has extensive experience in Marketing and Education with 12 years teaching experience having served at both Makerere University and Cavendish University Uganda. Prior to his appointment he served as a Lecturer attached to the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research as the Examination Liaison Officer.

Fredrick holds a Bachelor's of International Business and a Master of Business Administration from Makerere University and is currently pursuing a PhD at the same Institution.