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Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting & Finance

Your degree won’t get you hired. All it does is get you into the interview room. After that, you need marketable skills, character, and resourcefulness. Get all this and more at Cavendish University Uganda, and we’ll teach you about taxes and bookkeeping too.

The 1st year provides students with a general grasp of the functional areas of Business Administration and equips them with necessary analytical skills. They are then exposed to practical issues in their areas of specialization. A range of learning methods such as straight lectures, seminars, case studies and simulations are employed in conducting the courses.

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Cavendish Uganda

Course Overview

Career objective

The BBA – Accounting and Finance programme is designed to enable the student to:

  • Acquire knowledge of the nature and structure of the modern business organisation, the nature of enterprise, the role of profit and the critical managerial functions that contribute to the total operation of a business.
  • Understand and discuss the major decisions areas and the important concepts used in financial accounting and management.
  • Internalise the principal concepts, frameworks and techniques of strategic management as a backbone for generating options for strategic business judgment.
  • Acquire sufficient capacity to satisfy strategic planning needs of enterprises to achieve their marketing objectives.
  • Understand micro and macro-economic principles and theories and apply them to solve complex real life situations.
  • Acquire knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for the planning and development of an organisation’s human resources (HR); and how they contribute to organisational objectives and requirements.

Programme structure

BBA 113 Business administration
BBA 112 Micro economics
BMC 111 Business communication skills
BIT 110 Information systems and technologies
BBA 115 Financial Accounting
BBA 116 Business Statistics
ENG 111 English 1
BBA 121 Cost Accounting and Budgeting 1
BBA 122 Quantitative Methods for Business
BBA 123 Business Environment
BBA 124 Principles of Marketing
BBA 125 Business Law
BBDA 126 Macroeconomics
BBA 127 English II
BAC 123 Intermediate Accounting
Accounting and Finance Option
BBA 211 Managerial accounting
BBF 211 Financial reporting and analysis
BBA 213 Entrepreneurship skills development
BAC 215 Advanced accounting I
BBA 215 Human resource management
BBA 216 Organizational behavior
BBA 221 Auditing I
BBA 223 Taxation I
BBF 222 Financial management
BAC 225 Advanced accounting II
RSC 001 Research methodology
BBF 226 Banking law
BBAC 316 Computerized Accounting I
BBF 316 Public finance
BBA 317 Taxation II
BBA 314 Financial management
BBA 313 Operations management
BAC 314 Public sector accounting
BBA 316 Practicum
BBA 321 Auditing II
BBA 322 Strategic management
BBC 326 Computerized accounting II
BBA 325 Business ethics
BBC 327 Integration of knowledge
BBA 326 Research project

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