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Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

The world runs on technology, and few things give you a bigger boost in life than acquiring the knowledge to operate this technology. Whether you want to run network systems or become the next Steve Jobs, a degree in IT will point you in the right direction.

Bachelor of Information Technology is a three year degree Programme designed with the aim of imparting both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the use and application of Information Technology. The Programme, developed in consultation with the IT industry and employers, will deliver a mix of knowledge, skills and experience that are necessary for an IT professional.

Course Overview

Career objective

The objectives of the BIT Programme are to:

  • Expose the student to the fundamental knowledge regarding technical concepts and practices in Information Technology (IT)
  • Train the student in fundamental areas of Information Technology along with in-depth understanding in a particular area of interest
  • Train the student in critical thinking and problem solving skills coupled with the ability to analyse the impact of technology on individuals, organizations and society including ethical, legal and public policy issues.
  • Prepare the student for team collaboration to accomplish common goals
  • Equip the student with skills to be able to communicate efficiently with both technical and nontechnical
  • Impart skills that enable the student to identify and evaluate current and emerging technologies and assess their applicability in addressing the users’ needs
  • Train the student in date inference, rational decision making on the basis of that information while ensuring data integrity and privacy
  • Prepare the student for graduate studies in information security, information systems, telecommunications, and other related Information Technology areas.

Programme structure

year one

semester one
5 Core courses
course code Course Name
BPH 311 Introduction to Information Communication Technology
BIT 111 Discrete Mathematics
BIT 112 Computer Applications
BIT 113 Fundamentals of Information Systems
BJM 111 Communication Skills
semester two
5 Core courses
course code Course Name
BIT 121 Introduction to Database Systems
BIT 122 Internet Technology and Web design
BIT 124 E-commerce
COM 121 Introduction to Statistics & Probability
COM 122 Principles of Programming

year two

semester one
5 Core courses
course code Course Name
BIT 211 Database Development and Management
BIT 212 Systems Analysis and Design
BIT 213 Web Development and Management
BIT 214 Computer Networks & Data Communication
COM 211 Object oriented programming
AGM 214 Entreprenuership & Small Businesses Management
semester two
5 Core courses
course code Course Name
BIT 221 Multimedia systems
BIT 222 Research Methodology in Computing
BIT 223 Computer Repair and Maintenance
COM 224 Application Development
COM 221 Operating Systems

year two

Recess Term
course code Course Name
BIT 220 Industrial Training

year three

semester one
5 Core courses
course code Course Name
BIT 311 ICT Project Planning and Management
BIT 312 Mobile Application Development
BIS 313 Business Systems Modelling
BIT 314 Network Configuration & Management
COM 312 Software Engineering
Electives (Choose one course)
BCE 320 Human Computer Interaction
BIT 313 Communication Systems
semester two
5 Core courses
course code Course Name
BIT 321 Professional Issues in
BIT 322 Distributed System Development
BIT 323 User Interface Design
BIT 324 Network and Information Security
BIT 325 Graduation project
Electives (Choose one course)
BBC 321 Business Intelligence
BIT 325 Information Systems Audit

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