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Bachelor of Public Administration and Management

Bachelor of Public Administration and Management

The Bachelor of Public Administration and Management is a three – year, multi-disciplinary Programme that exposes students to the key theoretical aspects of public management, foundations of governance and decentralization; the linkages between leadership, management & administration; environmental management and sustainable development. It provides a pathway to a career in public and community service both at the national and international level.

Course Overview

Career Objectives

At the end of this Programme, graduates will be able to exhibit knowledge in public administration theories and management practices; demonstrate the ability to design policies and programmes for effective management; exhibit basic critical thinking skills for the analysis of government programmes, organizational systems and processes; identify and design strategies to address problems in the public sector and become positive agents of development who are able to influence national and international policies and programmes in a manner that promotes holistic and people centred development

Programme structure

BPA 111 Introduction to Public Administration and Management
BPA 112 Public Finance Administration and Management
BPA 113 Critical Thinking and Philosophy of Social Sciences
BJC 100 Communication skills and Learning skills for employability
BPA 115 Introduction to Information Communication & Technologies
BPA 116 Theory and Management of Organizations
BPA 121 Introduction to Political Science
BPA 122 Governance and Public Sector Management
BPA 123 Decentralization and Local Government Administration
BPA 124 Organizational Psychology
BPA 125 Gender in Public Administration & Management
BPA 126 Political Economy
BPA 211 Leadership and Change Management
BPA 212 Globalization and World Order
BPA 213 Regional Planning and Management
BPA 214 New Public Administration and Management
BPA 215 Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
BPA 216 Human and Social Services Systems
BPA 221 Economics for Public Administration and Management I
BPA 222 Comparative Public Administration
BPA 223 Resource Mobilization and Grants Administration
BPA 224 Research Methodology
BPA 225 Government and Politics in Public Administration
BPA 226 Public and Social Services Management
BPA 227 Internship
BPA 311 Human Resource Management
BPA 312 Public Policy, Planning Analysis and Management
BPA 313 Civil Society Development and NGOs Management
BPA 314 Constitutionalism and Administrative Law
BPA 315 Public and Private Procurement Management
BPA 316 Management of Public Enterprises
BPA 321 Project Planning and Management
BPA 322 Disaster Preparedness and Management
BPA 323 Security Studies
BPA 324 Ethics & Professionalism in Public Administration
BPA 325 Human Rights and Social Justice
BPA 326 Gender and Public Policy Development
BPA 327 Research Project

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