Cavendish Uganda

Bachelor of Business Administration - Generic

You might have heard that the secret to business can’t be found in books. Luckily for you, when you take this course, you will acquire applicable business skills and get plenty of hands-on experience. You’ll have to do some reading, but at Cavendish, you’ll learn much more than theory.

The Bachelor of Business Administration Program will provide a three-year full time (day), evening and weekend program of intensive study for students wishing to earn a Business Administration degree. This degree is appropriate for students who want to acquire extensive skills and knowledge in business and management.

Beyond such acquisition, CUU designs the program to transform its students to graduates with a formidable capacity to solve complex business problems with enormous creativity and innovation. The blend of course content will expose the student to an international business outlook while maintaining focus on the Ugandan context. The packaging of the program is in-keeping with CUU's devotion to offer "British education with a local touch", enabling its graduates to shape their business environments to their unique advantage.

Students are empowered to possess integrated skills and knowledge in, inter alia, Accounting, Marketing, Procurement and Logistics Management, Human Resource Management, Business Computing, Commerce, Banking and Finance. Degree classes are scheduled for daytime, evening and weekend program to allow students to either further their education while maintaining current employment or study full-time.