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Master of Laws

Master of Laws.

The Master of Laws (LLM) is a two year part-time program of intensive study that provides students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the law. LLM has four specializations: Natural Resource Law; Commercial Law; International Human Rights Law and Public International Law. This Programme is designed to address the trending challenges in the legal profession.

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Cavendish Uganda

Course Overview

Career objective

To improve students’ understanding of the context in which the law operates

To stimulate greater intellectual and philosophical understanding of the law as one of the vehicles for achieving economic growth, human development and social justice.

To enable post-graduate students of law to specialise in particular areas of law according to their interests

To enhance students’ understanding and knowledge of particular legal topics through a supervised research project

To provide a conducive environment for students to make a contribution to the body of knowledge by writing a dissertation of publishable quality

To prepare students to take on more specialised legal advisory roles in various sectors of the polities and economies of Uganda & the world at large; in the commercial, public service or NGO/charity sector

To contribute to the growth of an academic and intellectual community that can contribute to national development through research, innovation, critical analysis and debate.

Programme Structure

semester one
course code Course Name
LLM 711 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
LLM 712 Oil and Gas Law & Policy I
LLM 713 Corporate Governance
LLM 714 International Criminal Law
LLM 715 International & Regional Child Law
LLM 716 Intellectual Property Law I
LLM 717 Forensic Justice and Criminology 1
semester two (Students may choose 3 optional Courses)
course code Course Name
LLM 721 Governance and Anti-Corruption 1
LLM 722 Natural Resources and Energy Law
LLM 723 International Humanitarian Law
LLM 724 International Law of Banking & Financial InstitutionsI
LLM 725 World Trade Organisation & Regional Integration Law
LLM 726 Intellectual Property II
LLM 727 Forensic Justice and Criminology II
Semester Three (Research Methods and 2 Optional Courses)
course code Course Name
LLM 811 Research Methodology I (Compulsory)
LLM 812 Governance and Anti-Corruption II
LLM 813 Public International Law
LLM 814 International and Regional Human Rights Law
LLM 815 Cyber Law
LLM 816 Law and Development
LLM 817 International and National Commercial Transactions
Semester Three (Research Methods and 2 Optional Courses)
LLM 821 Dissertation (Compulsory)

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