Cavendish Uganda

Date: APRIL 6, 2020

To : All Students


It is my pleasure to address you on CUU’s study preparedness and response to the COVID 19 virus. I pray you are all well and keeping yourselves safe during these hard and highly demanding times.

In January, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the new Corona virus disease a public health emergency of international concern which has affected education systems worldwide. In response to the danger posed by the pandemic to Uganda, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda on Wednesday 18th March 2020 announced the closure of all schools and educational institutions, CUU included, from 20th March 2020 for a period of 30 days in a bid to avoid the possible rapid spread of the Virus.

In recognition of the impact of the pandemic on our teaching and learning study modes, CUU constituted an academic response task force to develop and coordinate a teaching and learning academic preparedness strategy and response measures to mitigate the impact of your studies during this unpredictable recess period.

The health and safety of our CUU community is our primary concern in this fluid situation, and we are taking decisions as warranted following guidance from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, The NCHE and the World Health Organization (WHO). These decisions are being taken to help mitigate and slow the spread of COVID-19 and to help protect the CUU community.

In consultation with CUU management and the Student leadership, a continuity strategy has been developed to ensure a sustained teaching and learning methodology during the recess period. This plan directly targets all students at various levels and study modes, however, it will have a greater impact on Campus based (Day) students.

To date CUU has undertaken the following measures to support a coordinated effort, provide resources and ensure continuity of learning during the period of closure, which include the following:

  • Suspend all face to face teaching and learning and close the University to all students and University staff as per the Government directive.
  • Set up an academic task force to coordinate efforts by Lecturers, Students and administrative staff in response to the emerging needs of students, teachers and education regulatory authorities.
  • Undertake to ensure all DL and SWAP studies using the CUU Remote teaching and learning platform (CUULP) continue unabated during this recess period.
  • Consult all Campus based students and request them to join the CUU remote teaching and learning platform (CUULP). To date 96% of all students contacted have indicated a firm willingness to study at home and continue their studies on CUULP.
  • It is encouraging that many of you have indicated willingness to study online and are already studying. Please, note that the university will pay for your online related access fees only during this recess period - If you are yet to confirm your availability for On-line studying, please contact Kelvin on 0700652020 or Eddie on 0707555604.
  • The Academic task force has created On-line accounts for all Campus based students that have accepted to be uploaded onto the CUULP.
  • CUU has developed standardised weekly self-study packages basing on the NCHE approved programme structures and curriculum, which will be accessed as weekly study materials. Skype or Zoom class facilities may also be utilised by lecturers from time to time for presentations, realtime interactivity and feedback.
  • I reaffirm what I wrote in your recess email that CUU will administer the final exams when the university reopens to students. Please, take your coursework seriously knowing that it helps your instructors to determine your level of learning when there is still time to design remedial actions to assist you learn better.

In the meantime, we will await further guidance from the Government, and especially the Ministry of Education, regarding when Universities may reopen upon conditions being favourable to do so, and we will let you know accordingly.

Should you need any assistance, our Administrative Staff are working from home and shall be ready to assist you;

For more Information, please contact:
+256.702-107-045 /+256-701-643806 for on-line teaching and learning
+256-700-650-044 /+256-700-650-010 /+256-706-524-486/+256-788-200-217 for
Enrolment Services.

I urge you all to stay safe and abide by the Government guidelines during these difficult times, however, do not lose the chance to continue with your studies Online as the situation normalises.


Prof. John Mugisha (PhD, FAIPH)
Vice Chancellor