The management wishes to update students, lecturers and the entire University community that whereas the 2019 Students Guild Presidential Elections were held on 07th May 2019 and results announced by the Students Electoral Commission on 10th May 2019, the announced winner has not been sworn in due to a petition challenging the results.

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has since asked for clarifications pertaining to the 2019 Students Guild Election and the University is fully cooperating with the EOC’s inquiry.

Considering that the continuing students who voted are on holiday until 26th August 2019, and there is need to address the petition raised, as well as, allow an unobstructed inquest by the EOC into this matter, it is prudent to allow sufficient time for the above to be addressed.

The university is committed to ensuring that this matter is resolved soon, hopefully by the time students report for the August semester or shortly thereafter.

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