A Science and Technology team of 3 lecturers and 1 student from Cavendish University Uganda attended the International Conference and Workshop on Governance, Entrepreneurship and ICT for Africa held at MUBS, from 27th-28th May, 2019 and presented 4 papers on ICT.

The authors and papers presented included,

  • Students' Experiences of eLearning at Institutions of Higher Education in a Developing Country by Muwanga-Zake, JWF, and Ssemakula, JB.
  • A Mobile Motor Vehicle Identification Application: Possibilities of Location and Route of Public Vehicles to Mitigate Criminal Activities on Ugandan Roads by Muhereza, KB, and Ofoyuru Emmanuel.
  • Monitoring and Accessing the Facilities of Health Care Operations: Challenges in Uganda by Imoter Tijah, Muwanga-Zake, JWF and Balirwa, M.
  • A Model for ICT Adoption in Higher Education in a Developing Country: A Conceptual Framework for Higher Education Derived from Ugandan Universities by Muwanga-Zake, JWF, and Ssemakula, JB.

Prof Susan Kim McGregor of Louisiana State University, USA was the key note speaker and provided insightful deliberations to benefit all participants.

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