Cavendish University Uganda students; Collins Mbulakyalo and Natasha Katondwaki spearheaded a team of 7 students who have come up with a revolutionary solution to the growing unemployment levels within the country, particularly among the youth.

Collins Mbulakyalo, is the founder of this initiative that aims at easing Unemployment levels among the youth in the country and Natasha Katondwaki is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Both are second year students at Cavendish University Uganda, pursuing Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science.

With the Waape platform, they have developed an algorithm that can effectively and objectively match job seekers to employers providing working opportunities through the platform. Their solution focuses on connecting people to opportunities not based on their transcripts or experience but based on other dynamics like learning ability, communication, accountability and commitment amongst others.

When interviewed about his inspiration behind the platform, Collins, the founder shared that, "Sometimes getting a job today is about who you know and how connected you are as a person, but not everyone has the opportunity of being connected, pursuing a degree/diploma or have a 3 years’ work experience. We therefore wanted to cater for people who have continuously failed to land jobs or find means of earning a living."

How the Platform works

The Waape team receives applications from talented individuals on a daily basis from around the country. They then use the match making platform to get the applicants into the right opportunities they need to grow and develop their careers. All this is done based on the available openings from partner employers to help them hire easily and efficiently.

How to Join

All one needs to do to join the team is to register via the website For further guidance, you can get in touch with the team through their support email,

For more information about this initiative, visit or

Cavendish University Students Create Employment Hub That Connects Employers to Job Seekers

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