On Friday 29th March, 2019, Cavendish University Uganda was privileged to host Mr. Patrick Bitature as Commencement Speaker at the 8th Graduation Ceremony.

Mr. Patrick Bitature is, a renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist and the Chairman of the Simba Group of Companies.

Below is a recap of his message to graduates under the theme: Commitment to Excellence as a Key to Graduate Success;

First and foremost, congratulations to all the graduates.

To all the graduates, here are a few lessons to remember:

    • True Grit is stronger and more important than talent or intelligence.
      What is Grit? It is the firmness of Character, Persistence, and Resilience.
    • Be a wolf, Be a lion.
      Set your own realistic goals and then smash them and set new ones.
    • Be stronger than the generation ahead of you.
    • Be better, build your perseverance and deep passion.
    • Stay positive, stay the course and focus on the long term.
    • Develop as early as possible the power of positive habits, for example, instill a culture of saving and investing.
    • Lastly, Do not rush for instant success. You will be successful in your own time and your Success will last for a lifetime.

Good Luck!

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