On invitation by the Rotary Club of Muyenga Tankhill, Prof John Mugisha the Vice Chancellor of Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) delivered a powerful, thought provoking and highly inspiring presentation that revealed the anomalies of Basic learning in a dynamically changing world.

The fellowship which took place on Thursday 26th September, 2019 was organised under the theme, "Remodeling Basic Education to match a Dynamic society." Prof. Mugisha begun his discussion by stating that CUU is constantly in a reform process as this speaks to the Institution’s Vision and Mission. He remarked that for Institutions to enhance basic education for the dynamic market, the following strategies have got to be brought into effect;

      • Institutions need to change their philosophy (we no longer have pure children and expert teachers)
      • Pedagogy (the methods and practices of teaching children have got to change)
      • Logistics (there is need to deploy ICT methods in Teaching & Learning in addition to books, charts, boards, etc.)
      • Curriculum (Institutions should shift to a curriculum that imparts both knowledge & skills)

"We are experiencing the advent of the 4th Industrial revolution. Academic qualifications are becoming irrelevant and Institutions need to encourage students to become tech savvy so as to manage the changing landscape of jobs today." he cautioned the audience.

Mr. Emmanuel Katongole, the Executive Chairman of Cipla Quality Chemicals Ltd who is also a member of the club appreciated the importance of student-centricity and assessment for learning which he attested contributed greatly to his personal growth and propelled him to where he is today.

The club members in attendance pledged to take the lead in literacy and remarked that they are in the process of initiating a book club.

Amidst the humourous,  eye-opening and enlightening pointers raised,  Prof. Mugisha  managed to charm the members of the Rotary Club of Muyenga Tankhill into inviting him to become an Honorary member of the club.

Click here to view the full presentation.

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