Cavendish University Uganda continues to invest in its future and in that of its students and alumni. This time, the University is proud to announce the appointment of its new Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John Mugisha, a Ugandan national with international experience and fresh,innovative ideas to continue strengthening academics and to provide Uganda with one of its most modern universities.

Prof. Mugisha has been Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs at Cavendish University Uganda since joining last August from Uganda Martyrs University. He holds a PhD in Health Planning and Management from Keele University in England and is a graduate of Makerere University. He has researched and published extensively and has a proven track record in research, teaching, curricula development, academic leadership and institutional governance matters. Prof. Mugisha is ideally suited to continue the transformation of Cavendish University Uganda as it enters a new development phase: “I am honored by this appointment and privileged to continue building on the successes of my predecessor as we strive to provide access to high quality and market-relevant higher education to all our students.”

According to Prof. Koi, “It is extremely difficult to leave Cavendish University Uganda at this time and I will miss the students and staff.” Prof. Mugisha added, “Together we have renovated the current facilities and moved to new ones that are of world-class standards. I will ensure that we fulfill the mission of our university which is to produce responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens.”

When asked to comment, the Chairperson of the University Council, Prof. O. Olubayi said: “Prof.Mugisha has the necessary leadership experience, knowledge and skills that will enable him to continue the process of transforming Cavendish University Uganda into a great institution of higher learning. The Council has full confidence in his transformational leadership.” Professor Olubayi also praised Prof. Koi for her contribution to the University and offered her best wishes as she returns to Kenya. “We are very grateful to Prof. Koi Tirima for her inspiring leadership of our University during the past 16 months, and very happy to have her remain on the University Council.”

Cavendish University Uganda remains committed to establishing the University firmly in the academic marketplace by investing in refreshing strategic initiatives to improve the quality an ddelivery of its educational services. The University continues to add to its recent investments in people, systems, processes, equipment and infrastructure aiming to distinguish itself by enhancing the learning experience of its students towards graduation and the job market. “The transition to Prof Mugisha is very exciting and we are committed to working him.”, said a member of the staff.


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